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Don't just "motivate" your group, give them access to lasting change!

With over 13 years as a change agent, facilitator, and coach, Tamara has an astonishing ability to create an impact and activate change with groups of all sizes from all walks of life.
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With over 13 years experience guiding high-level thinkers and successful individuals, Tamara has become the go-to for individuals, groups, and organizations looking to cultivate a unique discussion that will guide lasting change.  Her methodology yields real results because she blends energetic/spiritual practices that are backed by science.  Tamara’s passion lies in guiding others to the truth of our human potential, accessing it, and then applying these innate abilities to real-life situations. The best part about Tamara’s teachings is that she doesn’t just teach it... She lives it! She’s been through a range of trauma in almost every area of life, and on the other side, she’s proven her methodology by living a life filled with ABUNDANCE, PEACE AND EXPANSION! 
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