Who is Tamara Rose?

When most people see me on stage, there’s an assumption that I grew up with a "silver spoon"...  Well, that couldn't be further from the truth.  It’s only because of my commitment to my healing and growth that I've come this far.  Where did I come from you ask?

  • In my youth I experienced mental, physical and sexual abuse.
  • My mother was an alcoholic and diagnosed bipolar.
  • In grade school my parents divorced.  We were poor... the two local gangs used our street corner to “work out their differences”
  • As a preteen I used drugs and alcohol to cope.
  • In 2009 I was diagnosed with Graves Disease; for 10 years, every doctor I visited recommended surgery to remove my thyroid.
  • At 35, with a baby and unemployed husband, I was $80,000 in debt and earning just $1,500 a month.
  • In 2017 my mother died while battling cancer.

Here's the deal... That could have been the story, and I could've stopped growing, healing and seeking.  BUT I KNEW THERE WAS a reason for all this.  A better way of living, and something more to life!!!

So, I began seeking and traveling, and eventually created and cultivated THE methodology that began to change every area of my life.  This methodology has now healed and influenced thousands of people worldwide. 

And since integrating and using the methodology myself I:

  • Built a company from the ground up, fulfilling my life's purpose.
  • Work 20-30 hours a week doing what I love with enough freedom to spend time with the people I love whenever I want (vacations, trips, school events, and time off when I want). 
  • Live in a constant state of love and grace (the people closest to me will tell you).
  • My ex-husband and I co-parent shockingly well for a divorced couple.
  • Live in the 5,000 square foot home of my dreams in an exclusive neighborhood in the mountains of Colorado and drive my favorite kind of car.
  • My walk-in closet is full of all the designer shoes, clothes and gowns I want.
  • I eat at whatever restaurant I want, I don't order from the right side of the menu, and buy all organic food.
  • Not only have I healed my thyroid, but I'm also now in the process of training my body to reverse age.
  • I experience a deep profound love with my partner, a robust and freeing sex life, and have meaningful, loving, satisfying relationships with those I love.
  • I can say with 100% certainty that I LOVE MY LIFE and everything that I’ve experienced!

    This is not said to brag, but to show you what's possible through using the beyond human method.  

A better way...

With over 13 years of expertise as a facilitator, coach and guide, Tamara remains on an endless quest to move beyond the human realms of limitation. 

She's studied Ontology, Quantum Physics, Quantum Mechanics, the scientific principles of hands-on-healing techniques, the intricate applications of meditation's effects on the brain, the scientific and spiritual principles of the laws of attraction, the differences between male and female dynamics, the chromosomal innate behaviors of each, and has mastered the differentials of finances, money, and abundance. 

Tamara has immersed herself in trainings that include traditional meditation techniques, has been initiated into multiple spiritual healing modalities, trained in different energy clearing processes, and worked with enlightened masters from around the world.  All this to better guide you to access the multi-dimensional space so that you can create and manifest anything YOU want beyond the limited 3D world.

They say mastery happens at 10,000 hours of practice... Tamara has applied over 20,000 hours as a facilitator, coach, and guide to others to create real, LASTING change in her clients' lives!  If there was a PHD program for this type of study she'd have a few and be a leader in the field.

You might ask, "Why all the effort?"  The answer is simple, this type of transformational change requires a deep dive beyond anything that was available on the planet.  Using her experience and knowledge gained, Tamara has created a methodology which enables others to make rapid and unprecedented change at a fraction of her original time and monetary investment. 

The Beyond Human Method was created because there wasn't any ONE program that provided this kind of training, with the support and accelerated timeline that Tamara sought for herself and others.  

Living beyond human isn't about giving up your human-ness...
It's about LOVING ALL the things that make this human existence worthwhile!


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What Are you waiting for... 

Time to Be YOU and LIVE FREE!

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