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This is about going beyond your limitations and your limited thinking to create, have, live and be whatever you want for this life!

We weren't meant to live with limitations... 
So why are you?

What is the Beyond Human Method?

In athletics, they are the elite. In finance, they are the rich.  And, in health, they're the healed.
We all know those who have gone beyond human limitations to reach the unthinkable...
But, what if I told you there's actually no difference between them and you. 
AND, that living beyond your human limitations is easier than you think.

They AREN'T unique, they’ve simply accessed a part of themselves beyond human.

Wonder what you could/would change if you lived without your learned limitations...
The answer is EVERYTHING and comes from a proven methodology I've cultivated over 13 years; influenced by scientific studies, spiritual teachings and practices learned around the world...

What if instead of spending 13 years chasing this knowledge (like I did), you learned the simplified methodology that within just one year would have you dissolve your inherited limitations forever? 

Would you say yes?


Reduced Anxiety


Increased Happiness

Increased Abundance

How would you like...

A revolutionary self development program... | To make 4 times your income? | To trust every area of your life

"I’m now making 4 times as much money as I did when I started the program.  I live in a beautiful house, in a fabulous neighborhood and my retirement accounts are fully funded. I’ve been successfully shifting money energy with my fiancee and we are aligned and in partnership creating wealth together. Because of this, he's more than doubled his income, making more money than he’s ever made."
Gayle Goldman
"I came to this program looking for help to grow my business exponentially. I found that... and so much more.
At the time I was COMPLETELY closed off to relationships. After 2 dysfunctional marriages and being a single mom of three young kids, I didn't trust myself, I didn't want to take the time and I was plain scared of relationships.
Tamara led me to trust - in every area of my life - and to use my intuition and other tools. I immediately and easily met the man who is now the love of my life.
I finally found what all those relationship people have talked about - it is a healthy, fun, love-filled, passionate relationship where we share the same goals, values and humor! We have been together for 15 months, I am in love and couldn't be more happy!"
Gwyneth Spinden
"This is a revolutionary program. If you aren’t ready for something that will absolutely transform your life, do NOT do this program!
Tamara’s laser coaching actually helps you create the lasting change that STICKS.
The evidence is here in the program where you see everyone’s lives being completely transformed."
Denielle Johnson
You’ve been indoctrinated into human limitations all your life.
For a moment ask yourself…
What would I do if I was not afraid, had no doubt, and knew I could not fail?
What would I do if I healed ALL my trauma and had all the time and money in the world?
What would I do if you had NO HUMAN LIMITATIONS to keep you from pursuing your GREATEST wants and desires?

Imagine changing the trajectory of your life, permanently.

Frequently asked questions

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How does the program work?

The Beyond Human Program is a self development program designed to teach you this proven methodology and have you implement the basic principles so that you can expand beyond what you know and think is possible.  #NBD... just changing your life forever.  You'll work with the founder/creator, Tamara Rose, and her team of coaches.  Together, with your A-Game, you can't fail. To learn more in detail CLICK HERE.

Is this like life coaching?

While a life coach is someone who helps you gain clarity about the direction of your life and provides you with support and accountability along the way, what you will receive here is far beyond that.  During your 12-month program, you will work directly with the founder/creator, Tamara Rose, and her team of coaches who have been trained and certified in the Beyond Human Method.

Who can join the program and participate in the trainings?

The Beyond Human Method training program is open to anyone willing to dedicate themselves to the change they want to see, be, and make in the world.  Remember, what you DON'T LIKE, but DON'T CHANGE... You  continue to choose.

When you are ready, we are ready! 

Apply to schedule your FREE consultation with Tamara to see if living Beyond Human is a fit for you!

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