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You don't WANT just a "LIFE COACH" 
You don't NEED just a "BUSINESS COACH"...

What you're actually looking for is someone who sees your already full life and gives you a bridge to the spiritual realm so that you can connect with your soul to manifest a LIFE that FULFILLS YOU!
A life beyond what you CAN SEE IS POSSIBLE!

Most humans get trapped in the story of our past and who we are, what we know about ourselves and what we are certain we are capable of.

Our parents
tell us who, how, and what we are. Our religion tells us what is morally right and wrong. Our government tells us how we should be and what doctrine is right.  Patriarchal systems tell us who is in power, has the most say and what is best for society. 

We live inside these LIMITATIONS as if they are REAL. 


Many times when people see me on stage at big events, their first thought is that I must have been born with a silver spoon in my mouth: An attractive, successful, 40 something with an amazing life... but it wasn't always like this. 

I experienced mental, physical and sexual abuse as a child. Which had me feel unloved, unworthy and in-adequate.... That could have been my story but my path was to show what was possible on the other side of healing those experiences... On the other side, I now have a robust and freeing sex life, and meaningful, loving and satisfying relationships with those I love.

When I was a kid we were poor, very poor.  The two local gangs used to “work out their differences”on our street corner. That could have been the reason why at 35, with a baby and unemployed husband, I was $80,000 in debt and earning just $1,500 a month.. But my path was to show others how to manifest and LIVE IN ABUNDANCE. I am now a millionaire.

My mother was an alcoholic and diagnosed bipolar. I could have become untrusting, hesitant and ungiving in relationships. But my path was to LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY and show others how to heal and do the same. Just before my mom passed in 2017, we were the closest, and I felt more loved and understanding from her than anyone else in my life.

In 2009 I was diagnosed with Graves Disease; for 10 years, every doctor I visited to surgically remove my thyroid. I could have done that, but I KNEW my body could heal if I dedicated myself to giving it what it needed. It has healed and no new doctor is even aware that there was an issue.

Here's the deal... anyone of these events could have been my story...  The STORY, but my path was to experience all of this and to show us humans a better way to heal, live in abundance and manifest ANYTHING WE WANT.  And that's were the Beyond Human Method was developed from.  

Because of this path and commitment to unlocking whats possible for us humans, I've studied Ontology, Quantum Physics, Quantum Mechanics, the scientific principles of hands-on-healing techniques, the intricate applications of meditation's effects on the brain, the scientific and spiritual principles of the laws of attraction, the chromosomal differences between male and female dynamics, and have mastered the differentials of finances, money, and abundance. To be honest, if there was a PHD program for this type of study I'd have a few degrees.  

Understanding these principles is one thing... Applying them to the real world with our REAL LIFE is what this work is all about... I'm a single-mom, juggling a full life and a successful business, and it's because of this methodology I've found peace, balance and created this as a foundation for my success. I've cultivated a work life balance most never find, and can be calm, centered, and aligned with anything that is happening around me. 

So, if you're looking for someone who's been where you are, who's already created an expansive life and still not settling, who has more than 20,000 hours of experience as a facilitator, coach, and guide to others, then you are in the exact right place! 

For 13 years I've developed my ability as an intuitive facilitator, manifestation coach and spiritual guide, and remain on an endless quest to move beyond the human realms of limitation.

When you're ready to say "I LOVE MY LIFE" and MEAN IT, I'll be hear to guide you to what's next!

The genesis of a new generation is emerging... And you need a Divine Guide who's been there and trains you in a methodology that works!

Reduced Anxiety


Increased Happiness

Increased Abundance

You’ve been indoctrinated into the lies of human's limitations.

The limitations of your past.  Your childhood.  Your experiences.  Your gender.  Your heritage. 

These experiences have created human limitations of UNWORTHINESS, DOUBT, FEAR, SCARCITY OF TIME AND MONEY and simply just not FEELING LIKE YOU ARE ENOUGH.
Sure, you've attained some success (probably to prove yourself worthy), but for some reason the success has NEVER healed this feeling of UN-FULFILLMENT. 

How would you like...

A revolutionary self development program... | To make 4 times your income? | To trust every area of your life

"I’m now making 4 times as much money as I did when I started the program.  I live in a beautiful house, in a fabulous neighborhood and my retirement accounts are fully funded. I’ve been successfully shifting money energy with my fiancee and we are aligned and in partnership creating wealth together. Because of this, he's more than doubled his income, making more money than he’s ever made."
Gayle Goldman
"I came to this program looking for help to grow my business exponentially. I found that... and so much more.
At the time I was COMPLETELY closed off to relationships. After 2 dysfunctional marriages and being a single mom of three young kids, I didn't trust myself, I didn't want to take the time and I was plain scared of relationships.
Tamara led me to trust - in every area of my life - and to use my intuition and other tools. I immediately and easily met the man who is now the love of my life.
I finally found what all those relationship people have talked about - it is a healthy, fun, love-filled, passionate relationship where we share the same goals, values and humor! We have been together for 15 months, I am in love and couldn't be more happy!"
Gwyneth Spinden
"This is a revolutionary program. If you aren’t ready for something that will absolutely transform your life, do NOT do this program!
Tamara’s laser coaching actually helps you create the lasting change that STICKS.
The evidence is here in the program where you see everyone’s lives being completely transformed."
Denielle Johnson

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